“We are a movement of active citizens without party or other affiliations” (Hellas Posts English)

The Municipality of Syros-Ermoupoli will be officially contested by the movement “SYRA, YOUR TURN” led by Haris Vekris.

The presentation of the candidacy took place on Monday afternoon, in a special and original place, Markou Vamvakaris square (Frangosyriani) in Ano Syros.

Haris Vekris, flanked by Iordanis Papadopoulos, Iraklis Kaila and Giorgos Stefanou, announced that the “SYRA, YOUR TURN” team, after 10 months of active presence mainly on the internet, is now ready for the next step, claiming the reins of Municipality of Syros-Ermoupolis.

“We are an independent movement of active citizens without party or other affiliations and commitments. The last thing that concerns us and will influence our decisions is the political cost. From the first day of its creation, our group had made it clear that it was created to gather the most active and creative forces of the island” said Haris Vekris initially, giving the stamp of his combination.

Afterwards, both he and the rest of the participants of the movement referred to the basic principles and starting points of the group, clarifying that the program of the combination will be shaped in the coming months by the discussions of the members of the movement.

In addition to those present, Mr. Vekris emphasized that a significant number of active citizens have already joined this effort, however he called on the island’s citizens to participate.