“SYRA, YOUR TURN” for Megas Gialos

With the president Angeliki Papoutsa and the members of the “Cultural Association of Friends of Mega Gialos” Panagiotis Litsa, Petros Loulou and Dimitris Skondra, the candidate for Mayor, Haris Vekris and the members of the group “SYRA, YOUR TURN” Filippos Alatzoglou, Panagiotis Pagonis and Iraklis Kailas, in the context of the information meetings for the formation of the “Program of Projects & Actions 2024 – 2028”.

From the active and informed members of the Association, reference was made to specific problems of everyday life and safety for the residents, but also the visitors of the village, which need a proper response from the competent bodies. For the safety of pedestrians and drivers, there is an immediate need to install speed reduction warning signs at the beginning and end of the road above the beaches in the area, as well as the installation of signs directing drivers to park in the existing parking area and not on both sides of the road, just like the creation of a wall above the small beach of Ag. Marina. In order to prevent fire, the annual cleaning of the stream of Ag. Marina. In addition, the members of the Association requested the addition of thatched roofs to the benches at the beginning and end of the beach, the replacement of benches and the construction of handrails, the repair of the changing cabin on Liaropo beach, the regular cleaning of the beaches and cabins for bathers.

The conclusion of the interesting meeting was that Megas Gialos, built on the outskirts of two different communities (Varis and Poseidonia), has not received the care it deserves. Although it has a significant number of beds and luxury holiday homes, the area faces serious everyday life and security problems.

Given the completion of the project to expand the drainage network in the area which – as expected – will eliminate the current road safety problems once the road surface is fully restored,

“SYRA, YOUR TURN” proposes and supports the following interventions:

  • The creation of a public square, a model of urban design, which will form the heart of the village with paving of natural materials, appropriate planting and exemplary urban equipment (benches, benches, bins, lighting fixtures). A landmark, friendly, safe and accessible space for everyone, which will be able to host open cultural events and events.
  • The creation of sidewalks and walking routes along the entire length of Mega Gialos in collaboration with the Region, as the area can be a place for recreation and sports. Also the connection of the sidewalks with the creation of crossings from different floor materials, with the aim of reducing the speed and dampening the nuisance created by the exhausts of passing motorcycles. A network that will connect houses, tourist accommodation, restaurants, beaches, parking lots and public spaces. An additional benefit of sidewalks on the streets alongside the beaches is that they will prevent unruly car parking and users will have a better experience walking alongside the sea.
  • The creation of viewing and standing areas for outdoor recreationwith the design of recesses on the roads and sidewalks, having as the main view the sea and the opposite islands.
    The placement of suitable lighting fixtures that do not create light pollution and nuisance to vehicle drivers, residents and fauna of the area, as well as appropriate planting with tall tree species to dampen the wind and create shade for the daily users of the future footpaths.
  • The identification and restoration of the magnoholes which are located along the road in the area and are small landmarks of the rural landscape of Syros.

The friendliest for residents, visitors and families with children, the sheltered beach of Mega Gialos, has all the conditions to be transformed – after proper planning and configuration – into an ideal sandy beach accessible to the disabled, with proper use and distribution of umbrellas, suitable pruning the tamarind trees in the winter months, planting new large saplings for shade and placing suitable benches on the walls.

With the above interventions Megas Gialos can be a separate, sustainable village with its own community and substantial projects that he has been deprived of until today, probably due to a limited number of voters. “SYRA, YOUR ROW” believes that all the villages of the island should be sustainable and have the foundations for the development of hospitality and catering businesses. The specific interventions can certainly contribute significantly to the strengthening of tourist traffic, entrepreneurship, but also to the extension of the tourist season in the region.

This is a part of our vision for the beautiful southern part of our Syra