“SYRA, YOUR TURN” at the University of the Aegean (hellas.postsen.com)

In the framework of the informative meetings of the “SYRA, YOUR TURN” group, the candidate for Mayor, Haris Vekris and members of the group visited the central facilities of the University of the Aegean in Ermoupoli. With particular emotion, the members of the group who graduated from the 1st High School of Syros met the President of the Department of Product and Systems Design Engineering, Associate Professor Mr. Panagiotis Koutsabassi in his office, next to the Parthenon hall.

Mr. Koutsabasis informed the group about the development of the operation of the department in Syros since 2000, in spaces granted by the Municipality, as well as about its accommodation since 2007 in the renovated building of the 1st High School. Evaluating the existing spaces, the information came to the conclusion that with these concessions, although the current needs are covered – to a certain extent – it is not possible to develop the department and satisfy the demand for a larger number of students. It is very interesting that the majority of students declare the department as their first choice, due to the fact that its graduates – which from 2005 to date are close to a thousand – have high absorption rates in the labor market and are active in a defining subject for the national economy.

Between the President and the members of the group, there was an alignment of opinions in that the up to now important contribution of the operation of the department to many sectors of the local society should be continued, with the development of further collaborations of the Municipality with the scientific staff and students. This can be achieved through the organization of competitions, conferences, cultural and environmental actions, but also through the preparation of research works and studies to improve the aesthetics and preserve the cultural heritage of our island, such as for example the design of urban equipment that is part of neoclassical character of Ermoupoli.

Serious concerns were raised about the difficulty that students face in recent years in finding housing, which leads many to move away from the island and even to abandon their studies. A solution to the problem of better housing and development of the department and scientific staff can only be provided by the creation of a University Campus with modern classrooms, auditoriums and laboratories with sufficient capacity, areas for presenting innovation projects and a student dormitory.

“SYRA, YOUR TURN” supports the acceleration of the conversion procedures of the building facilities of the “Captain Apostolos Zafeiris” camp, which is granted to the Municipality, into a University campus. The capital of the Cyclades must not only meet the needs of the current university community, but also the prospect of increasing the number of departments, so that it becomes a pole of attraction for students from both Greece and abroad.