“SYRA, YOUR TURN” to the Deputy Mayor of Administrative Services, Nikos Fotinias

Continuing the cycle of informational meetings on issues related to the operation of the Municipality of Syros – Ermoupolis, the candidate Mayor, Haris Vekris and the members of the “SYRA, YOUR TURN” group, Giorgos Stefanou and Iraklis Kailas, met with the Deputy Mayor of Administrative Services, Nikos Fotinias , with whom they discussed matters of his competence.

The main topic of discussion was the serious lack of staff, which – as the responsible Deputy Mayor informed the group – is mainly due to the fact that no permanent employee has been hired since 2010. Although Nikos Fotinias declared that he was pleased with the cooperation and hard work of the employees, he confirmed that the problem of understaffing creates serious problems in the proper functioning of the Municipality. He expressed optimism that the process of recruiting 16 new employees of various specialties is in the final stage (posting of temporary lists of successful candidates), with the completion of which it is expected that several Departments of the Municipality will be staffed and the Municipal Police will reopen.

In addition, extensive reports were made on issues such as: the departure of employees through mobility in the Government, the degree of dealing with the operational requirements of the Municipal Departments through fixed-term contracts, but also through the conclusion of contracts with contractors, the scope for motivating employees in order to maximize their effectiveness and efficiency, but also their evaluation process.

In conclusion, “SYRA, YOUR TURN” considers that there is room for improvement in the use of modern human resource management tools that will stimulate the possibility of free expression of employees, as well as the development of cooperative relations between the Directorates and Departments of the Organization. It is necessary to create a positive working environment, where there will be fair and equal treatment of all employees, encouragement to take initiatives, an effort to satisfy the employees’ need for continuous development, assignment of tasks according to the skills and interests of each employee, but also continuous cooperation with the Employees’ Union of the Municipality of Syros – Ermoupoli.